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Warwickshire County Council Most Improved 2008

NSG Exemplar Award – Most improved 2008: Warwickshire County Council.

Most of the Awards are about applications and are based on entries received. However, the Most Improved Awards recognise the efforts of local authority teams that have taken significant steps to improve their gazetteers over the last year. These awards are based on statistical analysis, a number of ‘health checks’ and judgements made on things like positional accuracy.

The NSG category was judged using the following criteria against all other 172 LSGs:

  • Number of health check errors removed.
  • Number of streets added.
  • Number of special designations added.
  • Number of ESU coordinates added.

It was decided that none of these should take precedence so the winner was the authority that had removed the most errors.

Then, from the top ten number of health check errors removed we took the three authorities that had performed best under the other criteria.

The winner was Warwickshire County Council with the runners up being Hampshire County Council and Leicester County Council.

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