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Better addressing, better workflow, better services

Delivering service improvement through addressing: Winchester City Council.

Having had a live link to the NLPG since 2002, it is no surprise that Winchester City Council has linked all of its key systems such as planning, building control, environmental health and licensing. However, it has also now linked systems such as contaminated land, estates and grounds maintenance.

According to Sheila Boden, Winchester’s e-Champion Officer, one of the main NLPG benefits is often overlooked.

"A key benefit of authoritative address referencing that isn’t regularly championed is improved workflow throughout the authority. It is a direct result of the NLPG’s ability to remove any question or uncertainty over confirmed property existence or addressing. In systems such as housing and benefits, this can be a major time-saver for staff. Our LLPG also provides the standardised address for all correspondence that leaves the authority. To enable this, an intranet map-based system allows all staff to view the LLPG addresses from the map screen. We are also scheduling the LLPG to provide the address layer in the council’s proposed CRM system.’
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