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Evidence based procurement returns £800,000 per annum in Bromley

The London Borough of Bromley used their street data intelligence, in the form of the Local Street Gazetteer, to demonstrate excellence in digital transformation. As a result, the team at Bromley have delivered significant savings and service improvements.

The project focused on re-engineered street cleaning work schedules that has led to substantial annual savings of £800k. It has also resulted in a 50% increase in site street inspections that provide spot checks on the quality of street cleaning.

The issue

The London Borough of Bromley were at a point of retendering the contract for street cleaning. The team took the opportunity to review the schedule used to coordinate the cleaning activities. The previous schedule had not been created using any type of spatial analysis. The team therefore suspected there was scope for improvements of cleansing frequencies previously chosen to make savings.

The solution

The spatial intelligence offered by the Local Street Gazetteer was used, in tandem with data from OS ITN layer. The routes were mapped and overlaid with the frequency of waste and recycling collections against street cleansing frequencies so that routes returned by the chosen contractor not only matched the tendered frequency and could be monitored but also their cleansing operation did not occur before the day of refuse collection.

Once the new schedule was complete then modelling work could be undertaken by incorporating additional relevant information such as

• Schools

• bus stops

• shopping parades

• transport interchanges

Substantial modelling and analysis was then undertaken once the data was complete. The final schedule was then used both to support the tendering process and also provides a basis for ongoing monitoring.

In addition, the schedule was made available through a web app, using open source spatial technologies delivered by Nautoguide ltd. The NSG based dataset underpins the inspection process and allows issues to be raised directly with the contractor, grading undertaken and analysis of inspector and contractor performance. The mobile solution also imports customer enquiries in real time via web service (from Microsoft dynamics CRM, Confirm and Fix My Street systems).

The outcome

Bromley now have a system that has been in place for one year and has been used to perform 30,000 auditable on site street inspections – a 50% increase on previous years, which is attributed to the open source mobile workflow technology delivered by Nautoguide.

The project include savings in excess of £800,000 per annum for the more efficiently routed re-tendered contract.

Importantly Bromley have a robust evidence based dataset that can easily be shared with the public via public facing GIS and contractor to support business processes and can be reviewed internally with ease.

Further details:

Email address: [email protected]

Evidence based procurement returns £800,000 per annum in Bromley - 2.90 MB

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