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Data integration - saving £2.4million in Nottingham

Reduced duplication of effort

The ability to integrate datasets using the UPRN and USRN adds significant value since sharing data removes the need to maintain multiple sets of addresses in different functions.

Nottingham City

Benefits quantification

The basis of quantification of the benefits realised is derived from combining several recent surveys undertaken by GeoPlace, combined with a range of council and public local government statistics

1 Volumes of integrations the GeoPlace Improvement Schedule (see page 8 provides information regarding the number of system integrations already in place within Nottingham City Those regarded as having achieved full integration met the following criteria

i. Use of LLPG or AddressBase

ii. An automated interface between the systems

iii. Availability of real time or daily updates

Such integrations for address data have been accessible during the study period (2018-22) for many core council business systems, including planning, building control, CON 29 searches, education and environmental health For streets data traffic highways management, traffic orders and parking integrations have been achieved

2 Time savings were evaluated from the average number of changes made per annum over a four year period from 2016-19 The figures are captured by the GeoPlace hub daily An average time for manually incorporating each record change of 3 5 minutes was used as a multiplier, based on expert opinion from custodians questioned during the national RoI study in 2022 This metric is consistent with Nottingham’s own estimates

3 Data maintenance effort the GIS team estimated the hours spent per week updating the LLPG and LSG

4 Salary plus on costs were calculated for the hourly cost of the grades of staff involved in the maintenance The salary plus on costs were uplifted by 30 to account for apportioned facility costs (office space rent), utilities (water), ICT infrastructure (hardware, IT support), software licenses and other sundry costs not covered elsewhere

5 Trend Analysis to predicted forward benefits, the accrued annual benefits were averaged based on costs over the period (2018-22)


Discounting the net benefits from a baseline in 2022 the total impact over the period 2018-2026 is estimated at £2.4 million. This estimate covers only those integrations already operational, to avoid “double counting” where other integrations form part of subsequent case studies.

This case study appears alongside several other case studies in a report on a return investment analysis that was carried out with Nottingham City Council.

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