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GeoPlace conference 2021 - A Welcome to People and Places - Nick Chapallaz, CEO

Nick Chapallaz opened the GeoPlace 2021 conference by welcoming over 800 delegates to the online event. As ‘codebreakers for COVID-19’ in particular, he noted, this community’s actions have been rapid, reliable, and invaluable – providing the insights our health services have needed so much over the last 18 months, using location as the key to unlock myriad complex data streams.

Listen to the presentation here.

GeoPlace is still investing in collective workflow, systems and infrastructure to not only service that data, but also develop accessibility to it. In all, over 31 million updates have been made to the UK’s core location data sets over the last year – with vital contributions being made by Custodians everywhere, despite the adversity of switching to homeworking.

Nick emphasised: “It’s been great to see the UPRN/USRN being embedded more widely, connecting data in new ways, delivering enhanced datasets to fuel greater progress and innovation. But there is a call to action for Government – so much data is still siloed in different departments when greater connectivity could be having a positive impact on our lives.” Life has changed. Many of us are working from home now, the property market is changing too. There is a huge opportunity to achieve process unification that would deliver economic and societal benefit. The property sector wants progress on this, and GeoPlace is well-place to deliver the data that will make this possible. Its methodology is an exemplar for the National Data Strategy, and its work is fundamental.

GeoPlace’s vision is that by 2025 the UK will have a coherent national location data framework. Open UPRNS and the mandate for their use by Government are already making an impact – these are significant milestones. Nick said: “We will see increasing use across the wider economy, and growing reliance and value being derived from our collective data.” He went on to emphasise that the work of Custodians, of Street Naming and Numbering Officers, and all those who work with location data in local government is vital. “We have the confidence, ability, and mandate to make a difference, and ensure high quality location data makes the important connection between people and places.”

Nick Chapallaz, Managing Director, GeoPlace
Nick Chapallaz, Managing Director, GeoPlace - Welcome and Introduction
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