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Driving efficiency through improvement and innovation

GeoPlace’s annual conference and presentation of the Exemplar Awards 2013 took place at the Institute of Education in London on Wednesday 9th October 2013 with 315 local authority delegates in attendance.

This event supports Authority Address and Street Custodians, Street Naming and Numbering Officers, and delegates from other local authorities who would benefit from greater insight into how address and street data are generated and used within authorities.

The conference brought the community together nationally to listen to developments, share best practice and benefit from knowledge transfer, as well as celebrating achievements through the presentation of the Exemplar Awards.

The conference also plays an important role in enabling Custodians to hear from users of their data from outside of local authorities.

The work that local address Custodians undertake has a wide impact across the whole of the public sector as all parts of government can now use the AddressBase range of products as part of the Public Sector Mapping Agreement. The information produced by local street Custodians is underpinned by legislation and is an essential part of streamlining streetworks across England and Wales.

The event is also supported by suppliers to the local authority market place.

The GeoPlace website hosts a full record of the event, including all of the presentations and audio recordings from the day.

Please visit www.Geoplace.co.uk

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