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The unique eVO tehnology platform provides the most advanced out-of-the-box web-based GMS, SNN, GIS and case management systems available on the market. There are no third-party dependencies or licences required for any of our systems, as all come with fully integrated GIS, AddressBase Premium service, hosted and maintained OS base mapping, including MasterMap. Unlimited enterprise licences means that you can have unlimited users for one price.

Being the number 1 (and only) supplier of new web-based GMS and SNN applications to local authorities in 2020 and 2021, we'd like to show you the amazing and cutting edge out-of-the-box capabilities which have attracted so many new clients to us.



Phone Number:

0844 376 4321


StatMap Ltd 35-37 Ludgate Hill London EC4M 7JN

Key Contact:

Karol Kolenda

[email protected]

Gordon Norrie

[email protected]

Jeannette Anderson

[email protected]

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E VO GMS for LLPG and LSG 1 - 1.88 MB

StatMap -eVO GMS: the first and only web-based GMS

04 July 2022

StatMap -eVO GMS: the first and only web-based GMS

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