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Tertiary Classification

GeoPlace Analysis of OS MasterMap to infer Residential Tertiary Classifications Version 5.3 October 2017

GeoPlace DEC-Addresses v3.4 2016

Data Entry Conventions and Best Practice for Addresses Version 3.4 September 2016

NSG DTF8.1 Health Check Specification V2.2

Full Supply transfer file submissions to GeoPlace are subject to an array of compliance checks, as detailed in the NSG DTF8.1 Compliance Check Specification document. These ensure that the format and content of the data is consistent. The submission must pass all of these compliance checks in order for it to be published as part of the National Street Gazetteer (NSG). The objective of the health checks is to improve the quality of the data held within the NSG to ensure it is of the highest possible standard, and to provide maximum benefit to its users within the Street Works community.

NSG DTF8.1 Compliance Check Specification V5

Version 5 June 2016. This document details the compliance checks run on Full Supply transfer file data submitted via an http secure login to the NSG website in NSG Data Transfer Format (DTF8.1). It is a requirement that all compliance checks must be passed before a Full Supply transfer file is accepted into the NSG and subsequently published. All compliance checks are undertaken by GeoPlace on the NSG website via an http secure login. This results in the generation of detailed reports which are returned to each Highway Authority following a Full Supply transfer file submission. For further details, see Appendix H, DEC-NSG v3.6. This document must be used in conjunction with the NSG DTF8.1 v2.10 (including any errata documents), the Data Entry Conventions and Best Practice for the NSG (DEC-NSG) v3.6 (under review), and the Technical Specification for EToN Version 6.0. For a glossary of defined terms, see Appendix A of the DEC-NSG Version 3.6 (under review). Terms which appear in the glossary of defined terms are identified within the document by a capital first letter. References to Sections are shown in bold. Field names used in the attribute tables are shown by the use of all capitals, for example, STREET_NAME.

NSG Data Transfer Format 8.1

Version 2.10 June 2016