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Authority Street Custodian and Authority Address Custodians play a crucial role in ensuring the most accurate and update to date information is recorded in the Local Street Gazetteer and Local Land and Property Gazetteer. In turn, that information feeds into the National Street Gazetteer and National Address Gazetteer respectively.

These are skilled, detailed jobs that involve high levels of responsibility.

  • Street Custodians have to maintain local street data and ensure consistency between the address and street records for their area. They are usually one of the key liaisons between highways, street works, and external stakeholders too.
  • Address Custodians have to maintain the Local Land and Property Gazetteer. They’re usually the key points of contact for all addressing matters within and external to the authority, and they work alongside Street Naming Numbering Officers on a daily basis.

Both roles involve working in line with the GeoPlace 'Data Entry Conventions and Best Practice for Streets' and 'Data Entry Conventions and Best Practice for Addresses' respectively and sending regular updates to GeoPlace.

Every Custodian’s role involves championing the single source of location data. It’s their duty, as much as possible, to make sure each organisation gets the best possible value from using that information – across the council and with partners. This work is vitally important because the source data being created by Custodians goes on to form part of the AddressBase range of products and the National Street Gazetteer.


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