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From commercial and agricultural objects, to industrial objects, land and many other items of interest, there are more than 40 million objects in Ordnance Survey’s AddressBase. We all depend on the Street and Address Custodians’ work to ensure those details are accurate – as do government, delivery services, businesses and our emergency services.

Address Custodians’ work

There are 563 object classifications, one for each type of object that’s recorded in the AddressBase products. On average, an Address Custodian will be working on somewhere between 30 and 200 different objects a day – ensuring the data is all correct and up to date.

The smallest gazetteer in England and Wales has at least 20,000 objects in it, while the largest has over 575,000 addressable objects recorded. And in all, there are 460 address object classifications that are the direct responsibility of Address Custodians in terms of input, maintenance, upkeep and regular delivery to GeoPlace.

Street Custodians’ work

The National Street Gazetteer holds the details of 1.39 million streets. Those are identified by Unique Street Reference Numbers (USRNs), and there are 3.78 million Elementary Street Units (ESUs) and a further 7.44 million Additional Street Data (ASD) records that fall under the Street Custodians’ responsibility.

At an authority level, each local gazetteer may have as many as 29,000 streets, over 96,000 ESUs, and a further 180,000 ASDs. That's over 313,000 records, all of which are maintained and continuously updated by the Street Custodian. 


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