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A Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG) is the central corporate database for all addressing used in an authority.

The advantages of having a LLPG are clear. It means one address exists for each property. This avoids confusion and waste, because every location – whether it’s ‘4a’ or 'the ground floor flat' – gets recorded in one place using a Unique Reference Property Number (UPRN). This reduces the risk of errors anywhere, by anyone.

The importance of the LLPG is recognised by central government, emergency services and county councils. The clear benefits of a good quality LLPG include:

  • Better coordination of information, making sure the right services get to the right people
  • Knowing where customers are and which public services they are using
  • Supporting departmental back office systems such as CRM and online services
  • Supporting evidence based decision making
  • Improved partnership working between organisations at a local level
  • Improvements in the quality of council tax and non-domestic rate records
  • Improved electoral register records

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