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A Local Street Gazetteer (LSG) is the central database for street information within a local highways authority.

The LSG is also the dataset that underpins the ability of each local highway authority to meet their statutory obligations. It also enables authorities to perform;

• network management duties

• introduce fixed penalty noticing and permit schemes

• coordinate activities on the highway network.

These duties enable local authorities to maintain safety, minimise inconvenience to people using the street, protect the structure of the street and the integrity of apparatus in it.

There are many benefits to an authority of having a well resources and good quality LSG, including:

• enables the authority to work more effectively with partners and neighbouring authorities

• coordinate streetworks and assets locally and nationally

• provide better and safer services for citizens

• meet statutory legislation

• create a national resource


Reducing congestion and delivering service improvement

A useful explanation of the use of the NSG to share with colleagues




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4 June 2020

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Improving Services And Keeping Authorities Moving - 1.50 MB


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