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The work that local authority Address and Street Custodians do every day creates location intelligence. Location intelligence drastically transforms the way in which public services can be delivered, facilitating the creation of insights and intelligence on where and why services should be more focussed. The local address and street gazetteers maintained by Custodians provides the engine for location intelligence.

This series of videos can be used by Custodians to highlight and explain the value of address and street data and for senior decision-makers who want to find extra value or deliver more benefits to their customers but aren’t sure how location intelligence fits in – or how to get started.

The five videos range in length from 2 to 4 minutes. They’re supported by a large number of case studies with practical examples of benefits available to the public sector. Check out our blog on how they came about.

New resource – location intelligence videos

Soctim with the support of the LGA and GeoPlace has published a collection of videos and materials on its website. These are ideal tools for engaging with decision-makers to explain location intelligence for public services – why it’s so important, how to get started, and what kind of benefits can be realised.

Anyone who is working in or with local services, and working in or with location intelligence, will know how hard it can be sometimes to explain the value of geospatial information – or how to get started, working with this data as a discipline.

Correlating data, surfacing valuable insights

Location intelligence reveals valuable insights by analysing data that has a geographical reference but that’s a new concept for many people, senior decision makers included.

‘Digital transformation’ is a key phrase in public services, but geospatial insights often aren’t included as standard – partly because there’s a misconception that ‘location intelligence’ is the same as GIS. GIS – Geospatial Information Systems – do enable location intelligence. However, the value of understanding ‘where’ is far more accessible than many organisations realise.

Videos created by experts for non-geospatial professionals

Working in collaboration with Socitm, the LGA, GeoPlace and ConsultingWhere the videos were designed as a simple walk-through to explain the different aspects of location intelligence in public services – why location intelligence is so important, how an organisation can get started, and what kind of benefits can be realised.

The SOCITM website offers many resources for individuals who are working on business cases, exploring digital transformation, or simply setting out on the journey of continuous professional development. With real-life case studies and a plethora of supporting examples and additional materials, these videos will provide a simple guide that helps professionals in public services to start evaluating the role for and value of location intelligence within their organisation.


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