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As of August 2017, the eZine is being discontinued. Past editions can be seen below. For any editions before July 2015, visit

The eZine is a monthly round-up of all things addressing and streets.

July 2015
1 New GeoPlace website
2 GeoPlace annual Statement 2015: Driving improvement, excellence and innovation through data
3 Briefing paper for councillors: Location matters for you and your local electorate
June 2015
1 GeoPlace Customer Service Recognition
2 Everything Happens Somewhere, 10 Years On
3 Glenn Dobson and Pauline Clifford Presented with Peer Award
May 2015
1 Winners of the Exemplar Awards 2015
2 GeoPlace Annual Conference
3 GeoPlace and JAG(UK)
April 2015
1 2015 Exemplar Awards & Conference - It's going to be good!
2 Helpdesk Cover Over Conference
3 The UPRN Lifecycle from Planning to Demolition
March 2015
1 GeoPlace 10th Annual Conference
2 Digital Transformation Given High Profile
3 Highlights at the Conference
February 2015
1 GeoPlace Gets Govt Backing for New Highways Products
2 UPRN Release to Support Greater Sharing of Location Data
3 Local Government and the UPRN