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Celebrate Gazetteers @ GIS Day!

15th November 2017

Put location at the centre of your services and demonstrate how address and street data can help data sharing between departments and save money


Let your colleagues know about your work

We've always known how important the roles of Address and Street Custodian and SNN Officers are. But sometimes it's difficult to quantify the impact that the data makes to the council.

Earlier this year, GeoPlace commissioned a report to evaluate the financial impact of the data to an authority ‘Cost Benefit Analysis of Address and Street Data for Local Authorities and Emergency Services in England and Wales'. The report concluded that:

  • There are potentially net benefits up to £202 million by 2020 from better use of the address and street data that councils create and maintain, based on a GeoPlace commissioned study

  • This represents a return on investment, after discounting, of 4:1, based on the current rates of adoption

  • Additional benefits of £20m over the next 5 years could be realised if barriers to adoption are addressed. This includes access to funds, staff retention and improved national collaboration.

GeoPlace is working with a number of partners in a campaign that will culminate in November at [email protected] Day which promote the main points from the campaign.

Please get involved, help us tell your colleagues how important your job is.

To receive more information and resources closer to the event, please email [email protected]