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Minister hails next generation address system to support open data economy

The Minister for the Cabinet Office, Matthew Hancock, today hailed the potential to rethink how we use addresses and the creation of a new generation address system, as a key part of the government’s open data agenda.



GeoPlace consultation on Data Entry Conventions and Best Practice for Addresses and Data Transfer Format 7.3 for Addresses

GeoPlace is conducting a consultation with all Authority Custodians, SNN Officers and DCA ABICS users on the following documents



Linking internal systems within your authority

There are considerable financial and service provision benefits for local authorities who have a high number of linkages between their Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG) and other council systems. This document outlines some on the benefits and factors to take into consideration.



Location standard essential for data standards business case

The requirement for a standard way of referring to location has been recognised in the Local Digital new financial model and business case for data standards to underpin council waste collection services. The business case for the Local Waste Service Standards project, if adopted nationally, predicts savings of £600 million over seven years.



Councils celebrate ‘Location’

We all know about the importance of ‘location, location, location' when it comes to buying and selling property. But did you know that local authorities are responsible for creating the street names and addresses that signify where a location actually is?



The UPRN underpinning the Multi Agency Incident Transfer (MAIT) standard

British APCO has been working with the Cabinet Office, Welsh Government and ACPO members from both the emergency services and th