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The Valuebill schema, developed in the 2000s, aims to improve the electronic exchange of property information between local authorities and the Valuation Office Agency and to better link existing property databases through the provision of a unique property reference number.

The schema was designed to support the required information exchanges between the stakeholders and has been adopted and currently used by over 35% of local authority Council Tax and Non-Domestic Rates systems.

The schema designs were piloted before public consultation and formal approval through both the GovTalk and Local e-Government Standards body (LeGSB) procedures.

The original publication of the ValueBill schema has been archived on the government web pages, we have linked to it here and published the schema on the GeoPlace website:

AddressTypes v2.0

BS7666 v2.0

Citizen Identification Types v1.4

Common Simple Types v1.3

Contact Types v1.3

Person Descriptive Types v1.1

Valuebill BA to VOA v4.1

Valuebill VOA to BA (Lists) v4.1

Valuebill VOA to BA v4.1

VBcodes v4.1

VBcommon v4.1

VBcore v4.1


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