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Helping to maximise the value of your address and street data

GeoPlace maintains a national infrastructure that supports the address and street information needs of the public and private sectors. We work closely with clients nationally and internationally to help them solve their data issues and build location intelligence into their business.

We have developed a wide range of skills, broadly broken down into:

• Data platforms
• Data management
• Data Communities
• Knowledge and know-how

We specialise in address, property, and street data, our areas of expertise include:

• Data acquisition
• Data assurance and validation
• Data linking
• Data translation
• Data sharing and publishing
• Data and product Pricing & Licensing
• Data quality
• Analysis and analytics
• Developing common data standards and conventions
• Adopting AddressBase® products
• Understanding relevant legislation and policy as part of data strategy and process implementation
• Developing the business case
• Promoting excellence in road network and traffic management within the United Kingdom

We help managers, service designers and data professionals create achievable answers to business problems, tailoring best practice with a proven return on investment to embed location data within their organisations.

• Mergers
• Shared services
• Collaborations
• Data strategy and policy
• Data architecture design
• System integration
• System migration
• Building better services
• Risk management
• Asset and estate management
• Achieving a single view of place and networks
• Implementing data collection and modernisation
•Managing road networks and traffic management

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To get in touch about our consultancy services, contact:

e: [email protected]

t: 020 7630 4600