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Data management

Our data experts work on your data in our mature data environment and provide back additional attributes, links to other datasets, reports and recommendations to help you take your data to the next level.

Our data management services include:

  • Data quality assessment – Analyse current level of spatial address or street data quality and organisational maturity, issues and root causes - and quantify their impact on the business

  • Data matching – Verify, identify, match, dedupe and update your records with unique identifiers and geographic coordinates to ensure data accuracy

  • Data improvement – validating, standardising, cleansing and enriching your data. This may include geocoding and coordinate improvement

  • Data transformation and migration - Assess, map, plan and manage data transfer within the implementation of or migration to a new system or format

Data management brochure

Data matching services brochure

Case study: Using the UPRN to improve collection of Land Transaction Tax in Wales

Case study: Welsh language version - Defnyddio'r Rhif Cyfeirnod Eiddo Unigryw (UPRN) i wella casglu Treth Trafodiadau Tir yng Nghymru