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Working with the Joint Authorities Group(UK)


GeoPlace works closely with the Joint Authorities Group(UK) (JAG(UK)) to promote excellence in road network and traffic management within the United Kingdom.

The Joint Authorities Group(UK) - JAG(UK) - represents the organisations responsible for the roads and streets of the United Kingdom. JAG(UK) focuses on supporting the management of all works on the street and road network including the coordination of both these works along with other events which take place on or affect the network. 

JAG(UK) also provides a link between governments and authorities to provide desired outcomes in street and roads issues.

JAG(UK)'s member organisations are primarily local authorities and similar bodies whose principal activities are governed by highways, street, road and traffic management legislation.  Their responsibilities include regulation of streets and roads for any purpose, with a view to maintaining public safety, asset integrity and the movement of people and goods.

JAG(UK) has eight primary objectives and supports its members in seeking to achieve these. It delivers against these objectives through a rolling three year business plan, detailed in agreed action plans which are reported annually.

  1. Safeguarding the quality and effectiveness of streets and roads as the major transport network

  2. Monitoring current street and road works legislation to ensure its effectiveness and to make recommendations for change where necessary 

  3. Developing a consistent and appropriate implementation of regulations, balancing the legitimate needs of network users and works promoters 

  4. Identifying and promoting good practice in all aspects of traffic and works coordination

  5. Liaising with the Regional JAG(UK) and joint Regional HAUC (Highway Authorities and Utilities Committee)/RAUC (Roads Authorities and Utilities Committee) Representatives Groups and all other bodies who have an interest in street and road works

  6. Supporting practitioners within member organisations in their personal professional development through communication and the provision of guidance and advice

  7. Representing the interests and expert contributions of the membership in the wider public arena, including government, HAUC(UK), RAUC, the National Traffic Managers Forum and other related bodies

  8. Liaising with the Department for Transport (DfT), devolved Governments and members of HAUC(UK) working groups ensuring that a common policy and strategy related to the HAUC(UK) Business Plan is established and communicated.

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