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When do I contact OS, and when do I contact GeoPlace?

We thought it would be helpful to provide a quick guide on when to contact GeoPlace and when to contact Ordnance Survey. Please contact us if you aren't sure however.

Contact GeoPlace for the following: ([email protected]/020 7630 4602)

  • Data Cooperation Agreement (DCA) related queries and advice

  • Address and street data submissions

  • Data Entry Conventions

  • Data Transfer Format

  • Access to the NSG

  • ABICS (formerly NLPG supplies)

  • Improvement schedules

  • Website login and access to GeoPlace services

  • FTP

  • Data Linking

  • Health check and street comparison reports

  • Running adhoc reports on data held in the hub

  • Resync requests and queries

  • New UPRN ranges

  • GeoPlace Training

Contact Ordnance Survey for the following:

  • PSGA related queries and advice ([email protected])

  • Licensing and sharing data with third parties

  • AddressBase queries and access to data

  • Reporting anomalies in AddressBase products

  • Expanding coverage of Address data