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Address and street services

All of our address and street services have moved to our dedicated services site:

Most services can now be found at Services that can be found on this website are:


Ftp link for Street Custodians

Permit schemes - find out more about permit schemes

Scorecards - upload your quarterly highways authority performance scorecard data

Traffic sensitivity - guidance in collaboration with JAG(UK) on how to undertake a Traffic Sensitive review within a Local Highway Authority

New guidance on Street Works Act codes from the Department for Transport (DfT) highlights GeoPlace's role in the administration, maintenance, allocation and hosting of the SWA codes on behalf of the DfT.

Relevant documents


FTP link for Address Custodians

Re-supply of address data - request re-supply of AddressBase Incremental Change Supply (ABICS)

GeoHub re-synch - request re-synchronisation of LLPG data with Geohub using this order form.

Relevant documents