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Streets focus

Quality data, informed decisions

Our street network is one of the most important assets in society and it takes dedication and coordination to create and maintain quality data. This data enables seamless delivery of services to the public by numerous organisations.

The sessions in this stream will exam how NSG data is being utilised by some of its key users, including the Department for Transport, Highways England, Thames Water and Western Power Distribution.

The sessions will highlight the pivotal role Custodians have in the development and use of streets data going forward.

Topics include:

  • Why good data is needed and its potential to inform DfT decisions

  • Understanding the road network for statistical analysis and funding allocations made by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG) and the DfT

  • the spatial capture of TROs and how address and street data from local authorities can help with the delivery of a European wide intelligent transport system

  • Why and how the NSG is important to utility companies

  • Increasing the accuracy of location data and ASD data including; SEDs, Special Surfaces and Traffic Signals

  • The Highways England network; future initiatives and the closer alignment of the two highway datasets.

In a morning plenary session, Sally Kendall, Head of Streetworks Policy and Regulation, Department for Transport will be speaking. Sally will provide an update on the Street Manager project and why good quality and consistent data is fundamental to improving the street works processes.

There will also be linked topics in the Roundtable discussion sessions.

Speakers include:

  • Chris McKee, Statistician, Department for Transport

  • Fay Simcock, Representative  of Transport Network ITS Spatial Data Deployment Platform (TN-ITS) and and Manager at TomTom Maps

  • Janet Chapman, Technical Manager, Street Works Policy, Thames Water

  • Samantha Brothwell, Street Works Policy Manager, Western Power Distribution

  • Becky Fuller, Network Occupancy Policy Manager – ‘here to help you keep people moving', Roadworks and Occupancy Requirements, Part of  Customer and Operational Requirements, SES, Highways England

About TN-ITS

Fresh maps are a key enabler to improve mobility and keeping roads safe by supporting a wide variety of ITS services such as navigation, speed assistance, and autonomous driving. Keeping these map databases up-to-date is definitely a challenge.

One of the ways to achieve this is to set up data exchange services between road /transport agencies and map makers (focusing on speed limits) and to harmonize the representation of the data to be exchanged, e.g. CEN TC278. This is exactly the mission of TN-ITS (, a platform coordinated by ERTICO - ITS Europe. Currently, authorities in 4 EU memberstates have active data sharing services (SE, FI, NO, FL), pilots are running in 3 more (UK, IE, FR), and a new funded project was launched to deploy in 9 more EU countries.