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Street Naming and Numbering focus

Since the GeoPlace conference last year when the DCA SNN PWG presented the 5-year action plan for good addressing the Working Group has been developing practical tools to help make your life easier. The sessions at this year's conference takes us a step-further with the release of a SNN Code of Practice to assist SNN Officers in tackling challenging scenarios.

The first morning workshop is a practical session focussing on addressing a residential scenario, using new SNN flow diagrams from the Code of Practice to ensure it is fit for purpose. This workshop is an opportunity for you to help refine and improve the Code of Practice before it is released to the wider SNN community as a valuable, time-saving resource.

This session starts at 10.55 until 11.30, with a break for morning refreshments, before continuing until 12.25.

During lunch, the SNN Working Group, supported by Alex Lawrence a solicitor specialising in local government law, will be available to discuss in a group or individually your legislative, charging, citizen, developer, Royal Mail or councillor centric issues! It's a session where everything goes and an opportunity to discuss with peers the problems that you confront on a day-to-day basis and work towards a resolution for them.

The afternoon workshop will focus on addressing those problematic commercial conundrums. Attendees will work together to name and number a difficult commercial scenario.

The final session of the day is another chance to discuss issues that have arisen through the day with Alex Lawrence and members of the SNN Working Group.

The overall aim of the day is to provide SNN Officers the opportunity to test the development of tools to make their life easier. We do, however, need your input to refine and make sure that they hit the spot. Please come along and be part of the day.