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7-4-7 lightning talks

Call for presentations at a ‘lightning session' at the GeoPlace conference.

The ‘7-4-7' session at the event will feature a series of seven lightning talks: each talk lasting seven minutes and consisting of seven content slides.  Participants will be invited to be part of a discussion panel to give conference attendees the opportunity to ask questions.

Anything goes – as long as it features address and street information!

It could be about how address and street data:

  • Changes the way a service is delivered to citizens

  • Generates insights

  • Brought about an unexpected benefit

  • Meets a user need

  • Saved money

  • Introduced new ways of doing things

Or perhaps:

  • Have you had remarkable results from a piece of work?

  • Have you learned something significant from a project?

  • How have you secured support for your work?

  • Do you have a burning desire to rant about something that gives you pain at work!

Submissions from the public sector only. Please send a title for your presentation and 100 word summary to [email protected].

We'll be happy to work with you on how best to develop a presentation of this nature.  In the meantime, please see our guides: