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Will your street be in the ‘Premier League'?

Now closed to submissions.

We've been sparked by the location for our annual conference this year. Manchester United Football Club is a great venue, so we're going to create a map of the ‘Premier League of Street names' of footballers past and present

  • Which streets share the names of famous footballers?

  • Which road names remind you of our hard-working referees?

  • Do you know an address that's an homage to a great scorer?

  • Is there a building that scores highly in football terms?

Take your inspiration from There are no penalties in this game – and no limits on where you find these football features either.

We'll be awarding a small prize to the person who sends in the most instances of football legend and football-related addresses, complete with their USRNs. And if there's a building named after a soccer star, you can add that to your list, together with its UPRN.

Please send in your USRNs and UPRNs to [email protected] by 4 February.