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'Everything Happens Somewhere' Conference and Exhibition 2016

2016 theme : A single view of Place

QEII Centre | Broad Sanctuary | Westminster | London SW1P 3EE
UPRN 10033530771, USRN 8400752, TOID OSGB1000002229996714

Pre-conference evening events

With the conference being in London, we took the opportunity to host an evening of innovation at the inspiring and wonderful Geovation Hub, which is based in Clerkenwell. A guided walk through the area also took place, followed by some ‘Welcome to the Conference Drinks' at The Crown Tavern.



GeoPlace conference: agenda and content

Download audio, slides and transcripts from the day below.

See photos from the day here:


GeoPlace Helpdesk 1-2-1 and Data Clinic sessions took place throughout the day in Data Zone

09.00    Registration, exhibition and refreshments

10.00    Welcome from Richard Mason, Managing Director of GeoPlace.  View the slides  and  read the speech

10.20    Keynote presentation from the Rt Hon Matthew Hancock MP, Minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General:

Listen to audio and read the full speech here, or watch the video below:


GeoPlace Annual Conference 28th April 2016 - The Rt Hon Matthew Hancock MP from GeoPlace LLP on Vimeo.


10.40    Keynote presentation from Nigel Clifford, Chief Executive Officer, Ordnance Survey: Listen to audio and view the slides 

10.55    Address and street data: a common standard for digital transformation by Steve Brandwood, Head of Engagement, GeoPlace:  Listen to audio and view the slides

11.10    Introduction to the exhibitors: Listen to audio

11.20    Refreshments

11.50    Launch of study on the return on investment in address and street data for local authorities
               Andy Coote, Director, Consulting Where:  Listen to audio and view the slides here

GeoPlace commissioned ConsultingWhere to carry out an in-depth   study to investigate the return on investment in address and street data for local authorities. ConsultingWhere have examined the costs and the benefits of the address and street data local authorities create. The study outlines the benefits afforded to local authorities in an number of areas including; reduced data duplication and integration, improved tax revenues, channel shift and route optimisation in waste management. Using a rigorous financial model, according to Treasury guidelines, the study also projects potential future savings, and identified likely futures areas of opportunity and growth for the sector



Option 1: Roundtable discussions

Option 2: SNN Law clinic


Roundtable discussion groups (details below)   or        

SNN Law clinic with James Richardson, SNN Expert:

Listen to audio

View the slides

Download accompanying notes


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Roundtable discussion groups     or     








13.00    Lunch

14.00    Looking forward with:

Cathy Coelho, Principal Chair Regional Address Group (Listen to audio and  view Cathy Coelho's slides

Glenn Dobson, Principal Chair Regional Streets Group (Listen to audio and  view Glenn Dobson's slides)



Option 1: Roundtable discussions

Option 2: Highways Network session


Roundtable discussion groups  (details below)   or   

Collaborative working: the Highways Network with Baz Lokat, Streets Development Manager, GeoPlace, and Mark le Page, Product Manager Networks, Ordnance Survey and  DfT

Listen to audio


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Roundtable discussion groups     or   


14.50    Refreshments

15.15    Ask the community, how can we help?
Panel includes Glenn Dobson, Cathy Coelho, Steve Brandwood, Neil Silley, Simon Bailey and representative from JAG(UK): Listen to audio and view the questions that were asked

15.35    Presentation of Exemplar Awards by Juliet Whitworth, Research and Information Manager, Local Government Association: Listen to audio and view write up of Award winners

16.00    Close and post-conference drinks