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Case studies

Following are case studies from the conference and from the Exemplar Awards.

  • "We aim to have a centralised service available for any government body where you can validate an address, get good quality data matched against that in Address Base, gather your UPRN then map it across"

  • "Thanks to GeoPlace's input and collaboration between GIS teams, we now have the underlying tertiary classification data to provide reports and analysis with far greater confidence"

  • "Perhaps the most important outcome for Conwy County is the way in which location-linked Customer Portals have been embraced and adopted by the public. This demonstrates the Council's commitment to listening and resolving problems, and to being transparent and effective in the management of assets and allocation of resources"

  • "We're currently working to establish direct links to the Gazetteer – this new system is helping us to improve the quality of the data we're collecting"

  • "We identified a problem, talked to everyone involved, and then worked as a team – using the information in the Gazetteer – to design and create a location"

  • "Using the location-driven MyAccount facility, several thousand residents have opted to receive paperless billing from their local authority. This has delivered thousands of pounds of sustainable savings, instantly"

  • "The accuracy of the location data being used by ONS is imperative. A high-quality census will be reliant on a high quality address framework, with which to produce accurate population counts and statistics"

    • Addressing the Census - Jez Halton, Senior Research Officer, Address Register, Data Architecture, Office for National Statistics
  • "A smooth operation depends on robust policies, great staff, and getting excellent insights from data. Understandable insights; sharable insights. Everything needs to be connected, and the USRN is the ideal way to achieve that"

  • "Overall, integrated location is providing Dudley with greater reliability and interoperablity. The results demonstrate the obvious benefit of providing access to an out-of-Borough gazetteer facility, which correctly records a large proportion of the total call records"

  • "Wolverhampton Council's Garden Waste Solution shows the functionality and value of the LLPG. The results from this initiative will have a major impact on future projects that have a requirement for UPRNs and official addresses"


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