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IDeA and Intelligent Addressing announce 2007 NLPG and NSG Exemplar Awards

Posted: 30 July 2007

The 2007 Exemplar Awards for NLPG and NSG recognise outstanding service delivery by local authorities using the National Land & Property Gazetteer (NLPG) and National Street Gazetteer (NSG).

It is jointly presented by Intelligent Addressing and the Improvement and Development Agency.

The awards will be presented at a one-day conference on 17th October at the Ramada Jarvis Hotel in Leicester.

The Exemplar Award Categories:

Most creative
Best business process transformation

Best business integration
Best gazetteer integration

There will be a winner and two highly commended awards in each category.

All entries must be submitted by 5pm on 14th September. Entry is limited to authorities in England and Wales. Two further awards relating to data quality - 'Best performing authority' and 'Best performing region' will be made for both the NLPG and the NSG. These awards will be made by Intelligent Addressing and IDeA and do not require entries.

The NLPG and NSG are two key initiatives to join up systems, improve efficiency and service delivery. The sharing of accurate address information across local government departments is a vital component in the drive to facilitate and improve service delivery and regional cooperation. The NLPG makes this possible through linking local authorities' Local Land & Property Gazetteers. Similarly the NSG links local authorities' Local Street Gazetteers and is a key dataset supporting the NLPG and traffic management and street works under the New Roads and Street Works Act (1991).

The MSA (Mapping Services Agreement) also enables other partners such as the Police and Fire Services to use the same data as local government. This shared data structure leads not only to improved service delivery, less error and duplication but also to a constantly improving data resource as all parties contribute change information for the benefit of all.

Michael Nicholson, Intelligent Addressing's Managing Director, said, "We are delighted to be able to announce the 2007 NLPG and NSG Exemplar awards. The 2006 Exemplar Awards proved very popular with a record number of entries. Raising the profile of the NLPG and the NSG through these awards acknowledges the hard work and vision of those working within Local Authorities to bring about e-Government. They will encourage others to learn by their example, to improve efficiency, deliver better services and bring about closer collaboration across the country".

30 July 2007

The NLPG was initiated in 1999 to become the master address dataset for England and Wales and the central hub for the 376 address creating Local Authorities and their Local Land and Property Gazetteers (LLPGs). Based on unique property reference numbers (UPRNs) the underlying principle of these gazetteers is to provide a single definitive address database for all departments and systems across a local authority in order to cut costs, improve efficiency and service delivery.

The dataset enables various local authority departments - from revenue collection and environmental health, to social security, the electoral roll and education - to now offer true 'joined up' government. The benefits also go beyond service delivery. Fraud prevention, tax collection and disaster planning all benefit from the fact that each property is given a 'Unique Property Reference Number' which transcends (property) numbers, names, descriptions (such as 'The Nursing Home') and postcodes. UPRNs are assigned for the full life of the plot and/or building.

The NSG is a comprehensive list of over 1 million named and un-named streets, footpaths and thoroughfares, required under the New Roads and Street Works Act and the definitive source of road information for anyone with an interest in streets and their usage. There are over 300 organisations, utilities such as gas, water and electricity, BT, plus cable and communications companies, named as 'Statutory Undertakers' approved by the Department of Transport to download this data, which conforms to the BS7666:1-2000 Standard.

Intelligent Addressing is a specialist private sector consultancy (an SME) employing recognised experts in addressing. It was originally set up to help develop the National Land and Property Gazetteer (NLPG) on behalf of local government and now manages the NLPG and NSG central data hubs under the terms of the Mapping Services Agreement (MSA) with local government.

Intelligent Addressing Contact:

Gayle Gander, Head of Marketing | T: 0207 747 3500 | E-mail: [email protected]
www.intelligent-addressing.co.uk | www.nlpg.org.uk | www.thensg.org.uk

Editorial enquiries and colour separation requests:

William Allbrook | T: 01666 826641 | F: 01666 824668

The Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA) The IDeA works in partnership with all councils, to enhance the performance of the best, accelerate the speed of improvement of the rest, and develop the sector as a whole. IDeA has brokered the Mapping Services Agreement (MSA) with Intelligent Addressing to develop the NLPG and NSG, through the Local Government Information House (LGIH), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Agency.

Working in partnership with the local government community developing national Infrastructure projects that enable councils to deliver local services more effectively, LGIH acts as an intermediary between the public and the private sector enabling it to negotiate with private companies on behalf of local authorities in order to provide key parts of a technical infrastructure for improved service delivery.

The NLPG is a joint venture between the Information House and Intelligent Addressing Limited.

IDeA contacts:

Steve Brandwood, Programme Manager | T: 020 7296 6615 | E: [email protected]

Media: Paul Bailey | T: 020 7296 6529

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