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Intelligent Addressing Playing Key Role in FiReControl Project

Posted: 15 July 2008

Intelligent Addressing (IA), is playing a key consultancy role in the âFiReControl' project; the major CLG initiative to reform the Fire and Rescue Service control room infrastructure.

IA are providing technical consultancy to CLG and its main contractor EADS, as well as to project system suppliers and Local Authorities who are tasked with aligning their address data with that of the Fire Services.

The âFiReControl' project is the result of an extensive review and consultation of the Fire and Rescue Services within England. It recognises modern demands, which will ensure that the services are equipped to handle any kind of large-scale incident ranging from environmental disaster to a terrorist attack. Nine Regional Control Centres (RCCs), currently nearing completion, will provide emergency call handling, mobilisation and incident support services. They will operate using common state-ofthe- art technology, systems, processes and methods.

One of the key requirements of such a large national infrastructure project is a source of common and consistent data needed by the RCCs to mobilise their fire crews, including maps and gazetteers. The project has mandated the use of the NLPG (National Land and Property Gazetteer) and the NSG (National Street Gazetteer) maintained by Local Authorities as the source of accurate geographic coordinates and information to enable the locations to be communicated to the fire crews. Much of the IA consultancy centres on bringing the NLPG and NSG into line with current Fire and Rescue Service data and in defining the process that enables new information to be submitted for future inclusion. IA will also be working closely with system vendors responsible for the FiReControl Gazetteer to ensure its successful deployment on a national scale.

"As the company which acts as custodian for the NLPG and NSG since its inception in 1999 we were of course delighted when they were chosen as the source for addressing information for the FiReControl project," said Michael Nicholson, Managing Director of Intelligent Addressing. "Being closely involved in the project to ensure successful deployment, the first of its kind in a national context, is particularly gratifying" continued Nicholson.

15th July 2008

Notes to Editors:

What is the NLPG?

It is the first definitive list of all properties in England and Wales. All buildings, that's your house, my house and indeed every property in the country even those without a proper postal address. Each has been assigned a completely unique number including a geographic reference to identify the property's exact location. The NLPG also identifies many properties and objects without a postal address.

The NLPG is created from many different databases, but essentially it is a composite of all the Local Land and Property Gazetteers (LLPGs) built and maintained by Local Authorities. Local Authorities upload their gazetteers electronically to a central computer hub, which hosts the NLPG.

Each Local Authority has an LLPG custodian who is responsible for keeping the gazetteer up to date and for submitting changes to the NLPG hub. This bottom-up process is efficient simply because change happens at a local level. It is recorded with the benefit of local knowledge. New streets, roads and properties are captured at the planning stage by street naming and numbering personnel who work closely with the gazetteer custodians to ensure that the latest information is available.


Required under the New Roads and Street Works Act, the National Street Gazetteer (NSG) is a comprehensive list of over 1 million named and un-named streets, footpaths and thoroughfares, the definitive source for anyone with an interest in streets and their usage. There are over 300 organisations, utilities such as gas, water and electricity, BT, plus cable and communications companies, named as âStatutory Undertakers' approved by the Department of Transport to download this data, which conforms to the BS7666:1-2000 Standard.

Intelligent Addressing is a specialist private sector consultancy (an SME) employing recognised experts in addressing. It was originally set up to help develop the National Land and Property Gazetteer (NLPG) on behalf of local government and now manages the NLPG and NSG central data hubs under the terms of the Mapping Services Agreement (MSA) with local government.

Intelligent Addressing contact:

Gayle Gander, Head of Marketing | 0207 747 3500 | E-mail: [email protected] | www.intelligent-addressing.co.uk, www.thensg.org.uk, www.nlpg.org.uk

Editorial enquiries and colour separation requests:

William Allbrook | T: 01666 826641 | F: 01666 824668

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