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Intelligent Addressing LLP to provide information management consultancy

Posted: 07 April 2011

Michael Nicholson, MD and CEO of Intelligent Addressing Ltd (IA) and Tony Black the Operations Director are taking forward the IA brand and have set up Intelligent Addressing LLP.

They are available to give advice on a wide range of issues related to spatial information management. This is based on their 70 years of working in the private and public sectors, and particularly on the practical experience gained in establishing the National Land and Property Gazetteer (NLPG) as the definitive list of addresses in the country - it is arguably the most successful initiative of its kind and size in the world and has won European recognition for its implementation.

We wish our IA colleagues, and those joining Geoplace from local government and Ordnance Survey, well in taking the national address gazetteer forward. It is built on robust processes so we look forward to seeing a range of offerings as it is developed to meet the requirements of an ever broader spectrum of users.

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