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What is next for streets? Results of GeoPlace and Ordnance Survey Street Data Questionnaire

Posted: 30 August 2012

Following the formation of GeoPlace, GeoPlace has worked closely with Ordnance Survey to consider whether and how street data could be improved so that users can make better use of and get better value from street datasets in the future.

At present, GeoPlace and Ordnance Survey provide separate street data products.

In order to gather feedback from users, GeoPlace and Ordnance Survey issued a questionnaire in March 2012 to gather views on:

  • what street data the target audience manage in their organisation
  • what street data is used in their organisation
  • how street data is used
  • how street data could be used
  • how important street data is to their business.
  • what additional street data would be essential to their business that is not currently available.

The survey was issued to a wide number of potential respondents from local authorities, utilities and representative organisations and a total of 612 responses were received, giving a 26% response rate which indicates a high level of interest in the project. A number of in-depth face-to-face interviews were also conducted with stakeholders to get representative views from across a range of customer types over their usage of street data.

From the information collected from the survey respondents and interviews conducted, it is apparent that streets and associated information is heavily used across various industries across Great Britain to deliver a variety of services.

The key findings from the report illustrate that:

  • users want a unified dataset from a single source of street information
  • a single database would provide many business benefits
  • the datasets currently available do not provide all the street information required to deliver services.

As a result of the feedback from the questionnaire, GeoPlace and Ordnance Survey will continue to collaborate and gather requirements from stakeholders on what a single definitive street dataset may look like, and establish the sources of definitive street information. A further update will be provided in Dec 2012.

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