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Department for Transport Supports HAUC and GeoPlace Initiative to Monitor Street Works Performance

Posted: 06 November 2013

London, 6th November2013.

The Department for Transport (DfT) has welcomed an initiative from the UK Highway Authorities and Utilities Committee (HAUC (UK)) to produce a quarterly performance scorecard analysing works on the road network.

The initiative will provide an evidence base of the works and activities of utility companies and local authorities. Performance indicators are being extracted and analysed from the local authorities' street works management systems, as developed by the Electronic Transfer of Notification (EToN) developers. This will detail the sets of street works that are taking place across the county and how disruptive they are on a daily basis.

The purpose of the scorecard is not to create a league table but to support self-regulation and good practice. The measures are a summary of statistical information relating to both utility and highway authority works, currently held in EToN software systems. The results will be helpful to both local and central government and HAUC (UK) where decisions need to be made about legislation using factual information.

The system relies on submission of data already input into ETON by utilities and by local authorities and the subsequent analysis of this data. The more authorities that take part, the more data becomes available and the more evidence there will be for the sector to drive improvements, for the benefit of road users, citizens, local authorities and utilities.

HAUC (UK) has reached an agreement with GeoPlace to carry out the analysis of the data on behalf of HAUC (UK). As the Joint Authorities Group (JAG (UK)), a partner of HAUC (UK) sits under the GeoPlace umbrella, this gives the project a strong platform on which to grow and provides access to the GeoPlace statisticians and experts.

Anita Solanki from the National Joint Utilities Group Ltd (NJUG) and HAUC (UK) who co-chairs the Scorecard initiative with Phil Cameron said "Phil and I are extremely pleased that the work we started 4 years ago with DfT can now be taken to the next stage with the help of GeoPlace. This is an exciting time and this data will be invaluable to the industry".

Norman Baker MP, the now former Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport said "I remain keen to encourage this kind of self-regulatory approach, and believe that this initiative can yield substantial dividends for local authorities and utility companies. The more authorities that take part, the more data that becomes available, and the more evidence there will be for the sector to drive improvements."

Richard Mason, Managing Director of GeoPlace said "Since GeoPlace and JAG (UK) entered a Memorandum of Understanding, we have been able to work closely with all the key organisations involved with the management of street works. GeoPlace is pleased to carry out the analysis of the data on behalf of HAUC (UK), giving local authorities a louder voice in presenting logical joined-up solutions to central government and other parties".


GeoPlace is a public sector limited liability partnership between the Local Government Association and Ordnance Survey. GeoPlace's role is to create and maintain the National Address Gazetteer and the National Street Gazetteer for England and Wales, providing definitive sources of publicly-owned spatial address and street data for Great Britain.
JAG (UK) and HAUC (UK)

JAG(UK) represents all 209 Street and Road Authorities in Street and Road Works matters relating to the New Roads and Street Works Act: 1991 and the relevant parts of the Traffic Management Act 2004.

JAG (UK) is the mechanism through which Street and Road Authorities are represented on the Highway Authorities and Utilities Committee (UK) [HAUC (UK)] which in turn along with its NJUG colleagues who represent the utility arm of HAUC(UK) advises the Department for Transport and the Government on street and road works matters.

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