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Northumberland County Council make Public Rights of Ways information available

Posted: 24 June 2013

Northumberland County Council have set up a project to merge their Public Rights of Way (PROW) data with their street gazetteer in order to provide a more efficient process by integrating data sources.

In doing so they have made the PROW data available to public utilities in a standard format. It is estimated that the software programme developed has enabled the Council to meet the new requirement without having to identify new resources of approximately 2880 hours of work. At a time of resource constraints this is a very welcome efficiency measure.

The street gazetteer and the PROW are managed by different teams at the council and initial meetings focused on sharing a system that would provide the PROW team with mobile working, streetworks Integration and integration with the council's call centre, none of which they currently had.

The merging of the two datasets was achieved using in-house software, which could be validated by GeoPlace, and once done, updated automatically into the council's local address dataset so that both street and property gazetteers would remain 100% synchronised.

Traditionally, this merging could take up to 18 months, but the automated system that was built enabled the council to complete the work within a week.

The main outcome is that council now has the PROW network sitting within their street gazetteer, which means that any works on the PROW network should be noticed to streetworks just as it is on the current streets.

Street Data Custodian at Northumberland County Council, Carl Dent, who was instrumental in driving the project forward, explained that, "This method is completely repeatable and could be used for other organisations' data. As long as the data is in a spatial form, or accessible as geographic coordinates, this method could take in the data and produce a BS7666 compliant gazetteer update."

"We are now looking to get the council's countryside teams using the same system as their management tool. Doing so will afford them many of the benefits now experienced by the PROW team, which include links to the call centre and highways."

To find out more about street gazetteers and local address datasets, visit www.geoplace.co.uk



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