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GeoPlace launches annual calendar competition

Posted: 19 July 2018

Send in your photos for the GeoPlace 2019 calendar

GeoPlace has launched its annual competition for the most beautiful or interesting photographs of locations in England and Wales linked to a UPRN or USRN.

Each year local Address and Street Custodians submit photos for inclusion into GeoPlace's annual calendar. With their unique knowledge of their local area and eye for detail, competition is tough and it's a challenge challenge to choose just twelve images. See some of the stunning images submitted last year on the GeoPlace Flickr account at

The ideal specification for photos are 12.5 x 7.5 cm, 300dpi. (= approx. 3750px X 2250px), preferably in landscape orientation general guidance is that if the image of 2MB or more in size, that's usually good enough quality.

Deadline: Monday 17th September

Details to include:

  • Name of photographer
  • Name of authority that the photo was taken in
  • Month the photo was taken
  • Name of place / street etc.
  • UPRN and USRN (or just one if both aren't appropriate)
  • Permission to be added to the GeoPlace Flickr account: yes/no

Email your submissions to: [email protected]

The competition is open to DCA members.

Featured image is UPRN 10093127359 USRN 12101872- Salcombe Hill Field, Sidmouth - Anna Rowson, East Devon District Council

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