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Coordinate street works and assets within your local area and nationally

Keeping traffic moving is a crucial aspect of good service delivery for residents and businesses.   The LSG is designed to meet this need, to enable authorities to manage streetworks and coordinate all street related activity within the local area. 

Streets are part of the country's infrastructure through which many citizen centred services are provided. Consequently there are a range of street related issues such as congestion, capacity planning, streetworks, accidents, incidents and maintenance which affect them. A core dataset which records all of these issues, and their attributes is essential.

Cutting traffic disruption and reducing inconvenience to the public through coordinating streetworks is a major contemporary challenge to government. A modern day solution to the problem comes in the form of permit schemes which helps the coordination of streetworks. Several pioneering organisations have already introduced the scheme with positive results to date, all of which are underpinned by a reliable street information database in the form of the NSG.