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Work more effectively with partners and neighbouring authorities

The LSG, once combined into the NSG, is a tool designed to facilitate partnership working with utility providers and other statutory undertakers across England and Wales using unambiguous referencing of streets. 

The NSG enables utility providers to plan and execute their street works in a coordinated, streamlined and efficient way. Having the correct information about who has responsibility for and the restrictions about that road is essential for speed of notification and speed of works to be undertaken.

Things change, so having up-to-date information on any Special Engineering Difficulties, which are contained in the NSG, allows the appropriate amount of time and resources to be budgeted for at the very beginning, enabling continuous work from start to finish without unexpected breaks.

Utility providers use the NSG as an important decision making dataset in respect of all maintenance and repair issues.  Knowing the most current state of the road and all its associated data allows informed and efficient decisions to be made, ultimately remembering that the main purpose is to give the public a fast and efficient service with the minimal possible disruption.

It is vital therefore that the LSG continues to be a complete and accurate record of streets across your authority.