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Working with JAG(UK)

GeoPlace and the Joint Authorities Group (UK) (JAG(UK)) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 1 April 2013 for GeoPlace to provide services to JAG(UK) members.

JAG(UK) and GeoPlace have work plans to manage the street infrastructure, and by pooling resources, both organisation's central aims can be achieved in a more efficient and joined up manner.  The key objectives of both organisations are to:

  • develop a definitive national reference system used in the notification process and the coordination of streetworks

  • safeguard efficiency of highways

  • develop consistent implementation of regulations

  • identify and promote good practice

  • support practitioners with guidance and information

  • represent the traffic and highway/roads authority view

  • maintain cooperation and balance with others


Why partner up?

In short, the partners wanted to work closely to better achieve their joint strategic objectives - both communities are integral to everything that happens on streets.  Joining-up operationally combines community power and influence, bringing together different contacts within central government, the Local Government Association (LGA), the Department for Transport (DfT) and utilities that undertake work on the highways.

And by working closely together, it was thought that local authorities could be provided with better support services from a co-ordinated centre.

As an organisation which achieves its aims predominantly through voluntary contribution of expertise and time from officers in its member organisations, JAG(UK) had minimal office resource to communicate its achievements widely. The relationship with GeoPlace has enabled JAG(UK) to develop its own communications strategy, website and discussion forums which act as a central point of contact and coordination of activities for members. 

Using GeoPlace as a ‘home', it is providing better support for the JAG(UK) community which has resulted in an increase in membership subscriptions.

With its range of shared stakeholders such as the Department for Transport, the Local Government Association (LGA), the utility sector, industry, the partnership is providing a joined-up response to initiatives that affect the sector as well as enabling GeoPlace and JAG(UK) to proactively take on responsibilities. 

One of GeoPlace's central aims has always been to enhance the information about the highways that local authorities routinely capture as part of their role in maintaining the highways.  This data, known as Additional Street Information (ASD) provides the StreetWorks community with more detailed information about a highway before works are undertaken, and provides highways users with intelligence about the network.  The relationship with JAG(UK) has enabled more of this type of data to be collected:

Read more about how to access JAG(UK) services on the JAG(UK) website.

About JAG(UK)

See the JAG(UK) Annual Update April 2018/2019

Following are some initiatives that have resulted from the partnership:

GeoPlace and JAG(UK) working partnership