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How to achieve efficiencies through location data

Unlocking Value - Nottingham City Council's Success with Location Data Integration

Local authorities are widely aware of the value of data, and a growing number are now obtaining benefits from the intelligent integration of datasets that they already hold.

Address and street data is a crucial element and councils such as Nottingham City Council have been showing how to use it for impressive returns in improving services and efficiency savings.

Working with GeoPlace and ConsultingWhere, the authority has carried out a cost-benefit analysis of its use of location data between 2018-22, showing that it generated an estimated return on investment (RoI) of well over 4:1 and a net present value (NPV) of £4.1 million.

The analysis focused on Nottingham’s use over the period of the Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG) and Local Street Gazetteer (LSG) databases (also known as the local address and street gazetteers) and unique property reference numbers (UPRNs) and unique street reference numbers (USRNs), which enable the integration different datasets in which they are included.

Hear from Nottingham City Council, GeoPlace and Consulting Where on where the efficiency savings were made and Nottingham’s plans to build on this for the future.

The webinar will give particular insight into the following functions: planning, property tax (council tax and NDR), highways, social care and education, housing and waste management. It is also an opportunity for suppliers and techUK members to be better informed of location data and what it means for their council partners. This event is free to attend for public sector and techUK members.

This event is part of techUK’s Local Public Services Programme new efficiency series looking at how digital and data can help councils achieve savings and improve productivity.


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