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In 2019, our delegates said...

The GeoPlace conference is always free to attend for its target audience of address, street and geographic information experts. It's the event that draws the right people together, from right across the public sector in the UK.

"It's the first GeoPlace conference I've been to, and it was truly informative and enjoyable. I have more than a page worth of actions as a result!"

"Amazing. The whole day was amazing – very productive and useful."

"Another successful get together of the expertise from all over the UK, thanks!"

"Just wanted to say thank you for yet another great conference – I spoke to lots of new people."

"Such an incredible opportunity to have several authorities in GIS/LLPG/SNN field all in one place to discuss relevant issues… you all did an amazing job organizing it."

"One of best conferences I have been to!"

"I found the whole conference brilliant, the night before was a great idea. Thank you very much!"

"Always a great day from GeoPlace - particularly taking into account the large volume of attendees.  Very enjoyable. Thank you."


You'll connect with the decision-makers who want to see what you can offer to help them better use of address, street and geographic information tomorrow…