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1. Configure your widget


Select the FindMyStreet destination URL for your widget


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2. Implement your widget

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About the mid-sized widget

Make it easier for your residents to find out where a street is, what its official name is, & its maintenance responsibility

This mid-sized widget is clickable to transport the user directly to the relevant area of the FindMyStreet website for your authority. Through the ‘Map’ option direct users to the FindMyStreet Map to show the location, classification and responsibility for a street, or use ‘Street’ option direct users to a list of all streets within to your authority.

Suggested placement:

  • Header, footer or within relevant webpage content
  • Flexible in size to be used wherever you need it to be
  • Complements any other FMS / FMA widgets on your website

Supported devices/sizes:

  • Responsive (2:1, min. 250 x 125, max. 500 x 305)
  • Mobile, tablet and desktop ready


  1. Configure your widget using the options on this page
  2. Be sure to select ‘Map’ if you need www.findmystreet.co.uk/map to be the correct destination URL, or select ‘Street’ if you require www.findmystreet.co.uk/street-list to be the destination URL
  3. Click the ‘Get Code’ button and copy the code that appears
  4. Paste the code into the <BODY> section where you’d like to display your widget.

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