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Driving improvement, excellence and innovation through data

GeoPlace® is a public sector limited liability partnership between the Local Government Association and Ordnance Survey. Our vision is to be the recognised centre of excellence for spatial address and street information management in Great Britain.

GeoPlace's role is to create and maintain the National Address Gazetteer and the National Street Gazetteer for England and Wales, providing definitive sources of publicly-owned spatial address and street data. AddressBase™ products are produced from the National Address Gazetteer and made available by Ordnance Survey.

Through agreement with Scotland's Improvement Service Company, coverage has been extended to include Scotland.

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Addresses in AddressBase Premium


changes synchronised every 6 weeks

Access address and street services

Address (NLPG) Search

Service to search for a specific location or address

Address Custodian COU reports

View your COU report

NSG user account

NSG User Account registration for Highway authorities and statutory users of NSG/ASD

SWA Code registration

Registration for an SWA org code for a statutory utility

Roads classification PRN form

Road classification and notification of changes to the of the Primary Route Network

SWA codes download

Street Works Register - Data Capture Codes

Streetworks signposting service

Making streetworks information more accessible for the general public and other interested parties

Address Custodian FTP site

Access the FTP site to upload your files

NSG contractors registration

Registration form for employees of contractors carrying out work on behalf of an Organisation

Download NSG data

Registration to download NSG data

From Local Land and Property Gazetteers to the National Address Gazetteer


Location standard essential for data standards business case

The requirement for a standard way of referring to location has been recognised in the Local Digital new financial model and business case for data standards to underpin council waste collection services. The business case for the Local Waste Service Standards project, if adopted nationally, predicts savings of £600 million over seven years.



Councils celebrate ‘Location’

We all know about the importance of ‘location, location, location' when it comes to buying and selling property. But did you know that local authorities are responsible for creating the street names and addresses that signify where a location actually is?



Do you really know where your residents live?

A resident may give you the details of the address they think they live at. But is this the same address that the emergency services think it is; or is it even the same address another resident at the same address thinks it is? Is the Garden Flat the same as Flat A? Which is the right address and does it matter anyway?



Evidence based procurement returns £800,000 per annum in Bromley

The London Borough of Bromley used their street data intelligence, in the form of the Local Street Gazetteer, to demonstrate excellence in digital transformation. As a result, the team at Bromley have delivered significant savings and service improvements.