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We are very familiar with both the effective and ineffective schemes and have advised where there is opportunity for improvement. Under the steer of the LGA (one of GeoPlace’s parent organisations), we focus on delivering efficiencies to local authorities and helping improve their services. Our expert knowledge around street works, transport sector and spatial data management has helped deliver benefits to the local highways community and enabled better decision making.

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We are able to help develop and review schemes whilst being mindful of the impacts of changes to the broader transport sector.

Our consortium is committed to delivering excellent service supporting local authorities in delivering services in a cost effective, efficient and customer focused way.

What we can do for you

Permit schemes implementation

  • Creation of fees and cost benefit analysis
  • Creation of analysis and supporting evidence
  • Preparation and creation of permit scheme documents
  • Ensuring schemes are future proof
  • Undertake informal consultation and briefings
  • Undertaking or supporting formal consultations
  • Supporting internal change process including training staff and recommending structures
  • Support Permit Scheme go live

Live permit scheme evaluation

  • Assessment of fees & cost benefit analysis
  • KPI reporting
  • Creation of year-on-year evaluation reports
  • Evaluation of estimated works durations
  • Providing recommendations to further improve the performance
  • Reviewing and future proofing schemes from the impact of lane rental

Live permit scheme changes

  • Extending schemes to include non-traffic sensitive network
  • Update of fees & cost benefit analysis
  • Permit fee change report
  • Informal and formal consultations

Our experience

As a consortium, we have experience in managing and coordinating all the activities required to develop and review a permit scheme.

JAG(UK) has been involved in permit schemes since their conception back in 2010. Having helped develop and write the legislation we have in-depth knowledge about the background of the permit scheme process. JAG(UK) developed the latest permit guidance document and has been offering independent advice to councils as they go through the process. In addition, support has been provided to a variety of consultants and advisors.

We follow robust project management, audit process and business management methodology. We have BS EN-ISO27001:2013 – Information Security accreditation, BS EN-ISO9001:2015 – Quality Management accreditation and are Cyber Essentials compliant. We can use this experience to advise the council, particularly on where processes and procedures have succeeded in other councils or environments.

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street works managers

Permit Schemes

Permit schemes make it easier for highway authorities to better-manage and coordinate their activities – minimising inconvenience and preventing disruption to road users.

guidance and advice on Permit Schemes View more
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Implementation and Evaluation

Permit Scheme - Implementation

The Joint Authorities Group (JAG(UK)) works on behalf of local authorities to promote excellence in road network and traffic management right across the UK. With the support of GeoPlace, the NSG, and other partners, JAG(UK) has put together a comprehensive package to help you prepare, consult on and implement a permit scheme for your authority.

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Meet the Team

The delivery team is made up of several leading experts in this field and has years of experience in delivering and supporting authorities in England, Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland. Our staff have been at the forefront of permits:

  • influencing policy and procedures (HAUC England Guidance) on a national level
  • working with authorities to help implement schemes
  • advising the industry on best practice
  • keeping authorities informed.

This relates to both the scheme itself and the NSG. JAG(UK) is positioned to support and deliver to all authorities and permits are an integral part of that.

Gary Kyle 600x600
Independent Transport Consultant

Gary Kyle

Independent Transport Consultant
Gary Kyle

Gary is an independent transport consultant specialising in transport modelling and economic assessment of transport schemes. With 30 years’ experience in private sector consultancy, Gary has successfully delivered his transport planning expertise on many local authority projects across the UK. Since assisting St Helens Council to deliver their permit scheme in 2010- 11, Gary has assisted 14 other local authorities to develop a business case in support of their plans to introduce a permit scheme. He continues to provide support to all, assisting with annual performance and regular permit fee reviews.

David 600X600

David Capon

David Capon

David Capon is the JAG(UK) Manager and has worked extensively with the JAG(UK) community in delivering improved communications, management of the network and local knowledge and expertise. Most notably, Dave has played a central role in the delivering of the permit legislation, guidance and operational advice. He has made a significant contribution to the finalisation of government sponsored Codes of Practice, regulations and impact assessments.

Dave regularly engages with the DfT, devolved Governments, Network Rail, Highways England, statutory undertakers and local authorities to deliver continuous improvement to the community. He works hard to support members authorities by: attending regular national, regional and local meetings, providing an on-line library of existing legislation, regulations, procedures and guidance for authorities and their officers, acting as an online advisory service and providing prompt guidance on emerging issues and delivering a focused approach as part of the GeoPlace/Local Government Association family.

Rich G 600X600
Product and Data Development Manager

Richard Groombridge

Product and Data Development Manager
Richard Groombridge

Richard is a Chartered Geographer and is the Product & Data Development Manager at GeoPlace. He has proven experience in advisory services and project management for internal and external stakeholders in the development of data specifications, implementation and evaluation of permit schemes, implementation of lane rental schemes and systems and data quality improvements. He also has expertise in developing and testing market propositions and creating products and services around the collection, improvement and use of street related data

Richard has built strong relationships within a large and diverse community with over 1500 individuals, including Local Authorities and Central Government, statutory undertakers, Ordnance Survey, LGA, Emergency Services, and members of the public.

Previously as National Street Data Manager, he was an ambassador for the National Street Gazetteer (NSG) to local and central government including the provision of technical advice to a wider user base on the content and use of the NSG. Richard has also had previous experience of working in local government from his time as a Street Custodian at Kent County Council and as Address Custodian at Medway Council. Whilst at Kent Richard played an integral part in the implementation of the first Permit Scheme implemented in Kent and has since advised and helped authorities prepare their street data for permit schemes in his current role.

Simon Bailey November 2023
Senior Strategic Relationship Manager

Simon Bailey

Senior Strategic Relationship Manager
Simon Bailey

Simon has worked with geographic data from around the world since 2001.

Originally a geoscientist, he has worked in a number of academic and government arenas. He managed the collection and curation of the NSG dataset for over 7 years and since 2017 has worked on data interoperability and integration of various datasets, maximising the opportunities of street and network data.

Simon has extensive experience of working with local authorities, government bodies and agencies, alongside the wider commercial sector.

He has a keen understanding of societal trends and the problems and opportunities they present. Simon is considered one of the country's leading experts in Street and Network data and its wider integration into real world solutions.

Simon has a broad knowledge of both practical implementation and legislative requirements in both creating and managing highway networks, and has been instrumental in improving street data usage and streamlining processes across the UK industry.

Read's Simon's blog article:


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