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GeoPlace policies, values and feedback

GeoPlace's core values are to:

• promote innovation and creativity in staff

• work in an agile business environment to allow for rapid change and manoeuvrability

• foster a working environment based on respect, trust and responsibility.

Quality policy statement

The Management of GeoPlace LLP is committed to providing services that consistently meet the needs and expectations of both our clients and our staff. 

  • We listen to and understand our customer needs and provide them with exceptional support and service

  • We will continue to exceed our customers' expectations through the continual improvement of performance, reliability, responsiveness and value

  • We monitor and develop our staff's skills to ensure that they are able to fulfil their role within the company and benefit from personal professional development.

Quality objectives have been established and are reviewed at all relevant areas and levels of the organisation. These are reviewed for suitability at appropriate times, and have been designed to be measurable and consistent with the policy.

This policy has been communicated and understood throughout the organisation. All staff have the responsibility to familiarise themselves with both this policy and the sections of the Operating Procedures relevant to their specific roles.

Richard Mason, Managing Director, has ultimate responsibility for quality, and through the Management Team, will continually review and improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

Information Security policy statement

The purpose of this policy is to provide a management framework to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of GeoPlace's own information, and the data which has been entrusted to it, whilst satisfying all its legal, regulatory and contractual obligations.

GeoPlace has established this Information Security policy to:

  • Ensure the confidentiality of the information under its care by preventing unauthorised access due to loss, theft, accidental disclosure or unauthorised access to its systems

  • Ensure the integrity of the information under its care by preventing unauthorised or incorrect modification by any person, system or process

  • Ensure the availability of the information under its care to its staff and external bodies as contractually required

  • Ensure it meets all relevant legal, regulatory and contractual requirements that apply to GeoPlace's business.

To support the above, GeoPlace will:

  • Protect the security of its London office, mobile employees, home workers and IT networks, making use of policies on specific areas of information security as required

  • Continuously evaluate and improve the performance of the ISMS through information security objectives set every six months and appropriate to the business at that time, as well as a regular program of risk assessments, reviews and internal audits

  • Train and inform its staff and business partners.

GeoPlace staff:

  • Work with their line manager to carry out their duties in accordance with this policy and other information security policies as they are published

  • Report security breaches (actual or suspected) to their line manager or the Head of ITSO as appropriate.

This policy will be revised in response to internal company change, and the environment within which GeoPlace operates, and such changes will be related to all staff.

Management at all levels are committed to this process of information security management, and are directly responsible for ensuring its implementation in their area of the business.

GeoPlace and the Information Fair Trader Scheme

GeoPlace itself does not trade in information. As explained elsewhere on our website, GeoPlace creates addressing products, which Ordnance Survey then distributes on Ordnance Survey's standard terms.  Ordnance Survey is committed to complying with its Fair Trading Policy, detailed at  The principles of this Fair Trading Policy apply to the licensing of the addressing products from Ordnance Survey to its customers.  Ordnance Survey's Fair Trading Policy compliments Ordnance Survey's obligations under the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2015.


GeoPlace LLP is proud of its reputation for integrity and this ethic pervades all of our activities including our commercial operations. In support of our commitment to maintaining the highest possible standards of business practice, GeoPlace LLP's stance on bribery is one of zero-tolerance. Bribery is illegal and as such has no place in our organisation.

Cookie policy

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Feedback and complaints - how to resolve your issue

GeoPlace aims to provide a responsive and timely service to all our customers.

We will:

  • treat all complaints seriously and deal with them properly

  • resolve complaints promptly

  • learn from complaints and where at fault, take action to improve our service.

How to make a complaint

Step 1: Contact us

We would hope that most problems could be resolved by simply getting in touch with us either by email ([email protected]) or by telephone (020 7630 4600).

All calls are logged into our Business Management System and given a call number. We will try to resolve the problem on the spot if we can. If we cannot do this, for example; because information we need is not to hand, then we will take a detailed record of your concern and arrange the best way and time for contacting you. You will be given the call reference number so that we can both log and track the incident.

The response will normally be within five working days or we will make some other arrangement acceptable to you.

Step 2: Taking your complaint further

We hope you will only feel the need to make a formal complaint as a last resort.

However, if you feel that you would like to take the matter further, and submit a formal complaint you will need to complete the complaint form. You should aim to provide as much relevant information as possible so that we can deal with your complaint promptly.

What happens next?

You will receive an acknowledgement from us that your complaint has been received along with your reference number and the name of the assigned GeoPlace manager responsible for following through the complaint, or the contact details of the re-assignment if the complaint has been forwarded to another organisation. 

Responding to complaints

In acknowledging receipt of your complaint, we will give an indication of how long it will take to send you a detailed response. In most cases, we would aim to provide a full reply within five working days. If it proves impossible to send a detailed answer to your complaint within the time originally indicated we will contact you again explaining the reason why and to tell you when you will receive a full response.

The response will give a resume of GeoPlace's investigation into the issue; why it arose and what has been done to resolve it; whether there are procedural problems at GeoPlace and what steps have been taken to resolve them.

Dealing with complaints

The manager responsible for the area to which your complaint relates will handle an investigation into your complaint. If the complaint is not able to be resolved at this level, it will be escalated to Richard Mason, Managing Director of GeoPlace or forwarded externally to the appropriate body involved.