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About HAUC(UK)

HAUC(UK) brings highway authorities, utilities and government together with three aims.

  • To work safely and smartly,
  • to reduce the impact of street and road works on the public
  • to act as a conduit for improvement in streetworks management in general.

As part of HAUC(UK)’s work, the team produces a quarterly scored to show their findings. These scorecards aren’t meant to be seen as a league table, but rather, as a tool that identifies where even more improvements can be made.

The more data we have, the more evidence there is for this continuous cycle of improvement – which benefits everyone using our road networks: road users, citizens, local authorities and utilities.   

Submitting data for use in the scorecards

To submit your data and to receive an HAUC(UK) scorecard please email your data to [email protected]

We’ll incorporate that data into national statistics that contribute to the national scorecard, and send you a copy of your own scorecard for future reference and benchmarking.

It should be easy to extract this data from your streetworks system. If you have any queries, you can always contact us for support. The data structure we need can be found in the Scorecard Compliance Check Specification.

You can see more information about the scorecard initiative in the document 'Performance matters: analysing work on the road network' and details of the HAUC initiative.


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