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Exhibitors have always come to GeoPlace's annual conference to learn … to network … to find leads … and to present an excellent proposition in the right space, to the right people.

Although we are unable to offer a physical event this year, this really is the next best option - giving you an opportunity to interact with and update attendees to the conference on developments in your company, including new products and services.

The platform facilitates sponsor exposure during and after the conference via a virtual conference platform. Additionally, prior to the event, each sponsor will be profiled on the GeoPlace website. Links to your company website from the two other websites give you ‘Google juice’ – increasing the ranking of your website on Google.

At a time when we have been unable to come together nationally as an industry for nearly two years, the conference will enable you to participate in the day, interact with attendees and promote your company giving you significant brand exposure.

GeoPlace2021 will be the focal point for public sector, GI end-users in the UK. Last year, our annual conference had 532 attendees and 98% of them said the experience was well-worth repeating.

Sponsors will have the opportunity to

  • Attend the conference with 4 passes available
  • 1-2-1 video calls with opted-in attendees – simply search the attendee list and select the attendee you wish to network with
  • Logo on rotating banner ad on left hand navigation menu that links to a sponsor profile. Banner ads will be visible on every page of the website
  • Sponsor profile on the conference and GeoPlace websites to include: logo, company profile, profiles for company representatives, social media links
  • Videos, case studies, brochures and document can be uploaded to your profile
  • Search functionality allows users to search by name or keyword to find companies they are interested in
  • Opportunity to post on the activity feed – an internal social wall where users can post photos and comments
  • Pre-recorded introduction to your services as part of the event game, designed to engage attendees and drive them to visit sponsor profiles. Prizes will be offered to the top three participants to incentivise uptake and engagement
  • 50 word company profile emailed to all delegates prior to the event
  • List of attendees
  • Post conference, a report and analytics will be provided to quantify the exposure received.

Sponsor opportunities - £500

Please contact Gayle Gander at GeoPlace to reserve your package [email protected]

GeoPlace Conference 2021

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