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Step 4 - Promote your event

We have produced a range of sharable and downloadable items which you can use to promote your event internally:




Link to this video on Vimeo: and see our blog introducing the video How to bring location to life.

Other short video clips of different areas, on Vimeo:


Spatial representation of authorities in England and Wales - Guess the authority

GeoPlace has produced some graphics, showing a spatial representation of address authorities in England and Wales which you can use to interest and intrigue your colleagues!

We have produced posters of the smallest and the largest authorities in England and Wales.

We have also produced posters showing all of the councils with responsibilities for addressing in each region. 

You will see that there are 2 versions of each; one with the name of the authorities and one without. 

The one without names could be used as a quiz on GazDay – get your colleagues to guess the regions, and perhaps you could offer prizes from the toolkit for the most correct guesses?

We hope that you find these posters useful, we enjoyed producing them. (Please note, these images are optimised for the web. If you need a higher resolution for printing, please email [email protected]


Posters to advertise your event




Articles to share with colleagues

You can use the following articles as the basis of invitations to colleagues to a GazDay event or an article on your intranet about GazDay:


Links to handouts, to share or print



Links to online geography quizzes: