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TRO Discovery project for the Department for Transport

The Department for Transport, supported by GeoPlace, the British Parking Association and Ordnance Survey, conducted an award winning discovery into the processes by which Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) are made, and how TRO data is made available and used across the country.

GeoPlace engaged widely with experts and with people and organisations who required TROs. The project had input from over 200 individuals across 90+ organisations and over 3000 road users.

The aim was to understand who is reliant on TROs, how the process works for them and how we might improve it in the future. We worked with local highways authorities to understand how they create TROs and manage their TRO data, and released a number of surveys to understand:

  1. the costs incurred by local authorities to create Permanent Orders and Temporary Orders
  2. the maturity of TRO Digitisation associated with features typically relating to TROs
  3. the needs of individuals/organisations for data typically associated with TROs

The project won a Special Jury Award and was a finalist for a Parking Partnerships Award at the British Parking Awards

You can find more information and reports from the project here: www.geoplace.co.uk/trodiscovery

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TRO Discovery summary report

Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) are essential to the smooth running of the road network. By giving legal force to the restrictions that define our roads they determine the legal layout of the streets that we travel down every day and help to define the streets of the future – in whatever form they may take.




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17 June 2020

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TRO Discovery Summary Report - 9.89 MB

Baz Lokat

Senior Consultant

Baz is one of the country's leading experts in local authority street data. He uses his extensive knowledge of the industry to help develop and implement solutions for national projects in line with current UK legislation. With expertise in gathering requirements, product and project management to solve problems and create optimal solutions, Baz has been instrumental in driving forward initiatives to promote the visibility and use of valuable local authority street data across Great Britain.

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