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Electoral Registration briefing paper

Posted: 23 August 2013

This new paper provides an overview of the Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013 and the Individual Electoral Register (IER) project.

The paper then goes on to outline the impact on Custodians and action that needs to be taken to support the implementation of the Act. Local authorities have the designated responsibility to maintain an up to date Electoral Register to enable all eligible citizens to vote (see the Electoral Administration Act 20061 for further background). This is maintained by the Electoral Register Officer (ERO) within each authority. Following agreement by both Houses on the text of the Bill, the Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013 received Royal Assent on 31 January 2013. The Act is now law and will come into force in 2015. The Act seeks to modernise the electoral system by ensuring both completeness and accuracy of the Electoral Register.

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