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Factsheet: Addressing, productivity and efficiency in local government

Posted: 25 April 2013

Addresses are essential to locate needs and demands to deliver local public services. This new GeoPlace publication, which was produced in association with the LGA, is a high level 4 page brochure aimed at introducing addressing in a simple, not technical way.

It outlines how the use of address data can enable authorities to;

  • create efficiency savings and save money though providing more accurately targeted and joined up services
  • improvements in the quality of council tax and non-domestic rate records
  • improved electoral register records
  • better coordination of information to and from citizens ensuring they get the correct services to the correct location at the correct time
  • knowing where your customers are and which public services they are using
  • supporting departmental back office systems such as CRM and online services
  • create efficiency savings by maintaining one corporate address database which serves all departments rather than separate silos of address information
  • supporting evidence based decision making
  • improved partnership working between organisations at a local level.

View the brochure

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